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Track & Improve Your Pet's
Home Alone Experience!!

Our Smart Pet Care System features a Beacon, a Wi-Fi Camera, and an App that communicate together to bridge the gap between pets and their owners when separated.

"This system has given us so much peace of mind! We're a busy family and doing our best for Percy's wellbeing. His behaviour when left alone has improved, and we feel less guilty when we need to go out.
We wouldn't be without it."
                                                                                                      Arnold, beta-tester.

Thanks for your interest!

Our Devices Are Fun, Stimulating, & Soothing:

Watch our technology quickly soothe & distract Chelsea who used to struggle when left home alone.

About Us:

Animals are close to our hearts at PetInstincts, in fact, most of our team our dog owners who understand first-hand the struggles involved with caring for a pet’s mental health. 

Our innovative approach applies an emerging technique within the pet wellness space known as Enrichment. Where we engage the minds of domesticated pets, to simulate the natural mental stimulation that they would have otherwise received if in the wild. 

All in an effort to reduce the arisal of problematic behaviours such as anxiety which may develop due to the combination of boredom, isolation and lack of activities while alone.

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